Gulf Coast Suzuki

Gulf Coast Suzuki

Outboard Maintenance

Proper outboard engine maintenance allows you to enjoy the boating season without running into issues, helps to avoid costly repairs and sustains the market value of your boat.

Service Package

Beginning of Season

Before you hit the water, it is crucial to ensure that your boat is in the best shape. With our beginning of season services, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your boat is ready for the season ahead. Our team of skilled professionals provides top-notch beginning of season services.


Ask about our warranty services.  

We offer warranty work on Suzuki, Honda and Mercury Engines.

Service Package

End of Season

Winterize with Us. Our end of season service package lets you can enjoy peace of mind that your boat will be in excellent condition during those winter months. Our experienced professionals know the importance of proper winterization and will make sure your boat is well protected and ready for a successful launch for the next season. Schedule your end of season boat service and ensure your investment is well-cared for during the off season.

Both beginning and end of season services are critical for maintaining value, performance and safety of your boat.

Whether you’re preparing for a new season or saying goodbye until next season, our services allow you to enjoy uninterrupted boating experiences while preserving your valuable investment. Regular outboard engine maintenance ensures that your boat is ready to take on any season.

Maintenance Tips

TO Keep Your Boat On The Water

Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for your engine, including oil and filter changes and spark plug replacement.

Electrical systems can be complex, regular maintenance can help prevent issues.

To ensure your boat runs smoothly, it's important to maintain a clean and stable fuel supply.

The steering system is an essential component of your boat and needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure smooth and safe operation.

The drainage system is an important safety feature that is often overlooked during regular boat maintenance.